Diabetic SkinCare

Diabetic SkinCare with Ultra Dry Skin.  Diabetic skin care includes keeping your skin clean and dry, avoiding hot showers, and treating cuts right away.

You can also try these tips:

  • Use a gentle cleanser or one formulated for people with diabetes.
  • Dry your skin carefully, especially in the folds.
  • Use a fragrance-free lotion that provides good hydration. Some recommended lotions include Eucerin, Gold Bond, Ease-Z, and Aveeno.
  • Keep your home more humid during cold, dry months.
  • Use mild shampoos.
  • Don’t use feminine hygiene sprays.
If you have diabetic nerve damage, you might not know if you have an infected cut, scratch, or skin puncture. You should talk to your health care team for support.
Some skin conditions that can appear in people with diabetes include:
  • Shin spots, also known as diabetic dermopathy, which are harmless red or brown patches or lines on the front of your legs.
  • Hard, thick, and swollen-looking skin that can appear on your fingertips, forearms, upper arms, upper back, shoulders, and neck.
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